Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Two new additions

It's taken a little bit of time to get these balls done and this blog entry posted as we've had some minor water damage to our carpets and the house is in disarray. I'm not so happy with how these worked up - both seem to be lacking in something, or I havent got the colours quite right. The squares pattern has a few errors on it - which I'm not too worried about as it's the first time I have done the pattern, but the colours are not quite right. It's actually a more purple colour in 'real life', but it still doesnt quite work for me. It still need some metallic embellishment on it. Maybe that will give it a bit of zest.

The second ball is a pattern from Debi A. Debi has some fantastic patterns on her website - Temari Math -go and have a look. I've used these colours on a ball before and they worked really well, however this time they left me feeling a little less impressed. Maybe it was because they were a slightly darker shade.
Not to worry. There are plenty more temari to make, in plenty more colour and pattern combinations. Part of the reason I think I love making temari so much is that there are an infinite numbers of ways to combine colours and patterns, and each one gives a different effect.
My next challenge is to create a ball for my GITS partner for the lunar new year GITS. It will certainly challenge me - the colours I need to use are red, green, white and gold, or somehow incorporate a rabbit into the design, as 2011 is the year of the rabbit. I'll post a pic once my partner has received it. I'm thinking ahead to next year - the year of the Dragon - and an idea is already forming for a pattern....!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Kyo Kiku

I thought I'd pop up a pic of my latest ball too. This one is an S12 kiku, and is done in shaded pink Kyo Rayon threads. I'm just starting to work with these threads, and I noted a couple of things about them: They are difficult for me to get a decent photo of due to their incredible shine/lustre. They are also different to handle as they seem to be quite fluid in how they move. And thirdly, they are absolutely beautiful. This picture doesn't do the threads any justice.

Starting off the year.....

I realise this post is a little late in coming, considering it's about the New Years GITS that I just participated in. In this swap, each participant had to send a temari to their swap partner, and it had to arrive by New Years Eve, so it could be opened in the New Year. I was partnered with Sue in New York, and my parcel arrived with plenty of time to spare. At 11:59 on Dec 31, I was waiting with scissors in hand to cut the tape on the box. I was amazed at the temari that emerged. It's a beautiful C10 in blue/green and lilac. I spent quite some time turning the ball over and over and looking at the stitching. I haven't progressed to the C10 division yet, and am so excited to see one 'in person'. Here it is:

And here is the ball I sent Sue in the same swap:

They say you should start the new year off as you intend to continue. I think having a temari in my hands was a great way to start, and it's how I hope to continue. My creative new years goals are to improve my temari by studying and practicing more, to try my hand at yubinuki (thimble rings) and complete an 8-week introductory Botanical Art course that I have been looking at for a while - which is yet another endeavour, but I don't think it stands a chance at replacing my temari obsession!!!

I hope you all had a fantastic new years and wish you all the best for 2011.