Friday, December 10, 2010

Temari treasure arrived today

Today the mail lady dropped off my temari supplies order from Ai at TenTemari. I was so excited when I saw the box. Inside was a treasure trove of goodies. I got some bunka thread, clear rings for temari to sit on, and some plastic cores, as well as a roll of paper tape to weave a base out of. I know I can make these things myself, and probably will in the future, I just thought since I was ordering other things I might as well get them too. There was also the piece I was most excited to see - a musical mari base. I'm going to use it for a gift temari. I have an idea of the who/when it is for, and it plays quite a nice tune (hina matsuri).

The reason for my order was that my family get stuck trying to find birthday and Christmas gifts for me, so this year I asked for temari books and a musical mari base for myself. I had to put them back in the box to go to my parents house - and it was soooo difficult not to look through the books!!!

I cant wait till christmas to be able to look at all the amazing designs!!! The musical base plays "moon from ruined castle". It has a lovely haunting melody. I'm thinking it needs a design coloured in twilight shades like indigo and soft violet. I'm not in a hurry to stitch it as I want it to be a really effective piece.

Anyhow, I'm off to continue stitching my current project - and to browse books for possible patterns for the 'moon ball'. I hadnt let myself look at patterns in case the postal system kidnapped my order :)

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  1. I have that tune as well - it's wonderful! Let's talk about designs for musical mari bases on TemariChallenge in the new year. I have two in my closet that need stitching and have done several and given them away.