Thursday, October 21, 2010

GITS received

Through the Talk Temari yahoo group, I was recently involved in a GITS - that's a Great International Temari Swap. This is a great initiative that enables stitchers to create a temari for a swap partner in another part of the world. It enables temari to be shared and for stitchers to view temari other than their own. Even with the expansion of the internet, and the number of fantastic temari images now available, there is nothing quite like viewing a temari 'in person'.

This is the second GITS I have been a part of, and this time the theme was 'Stitchers Choice'. My partner was Bonnie from Vermont, USA. I got home Wednesday to find that the postman had left a card in my mail box so I excitedly dashed around to the corner store to collect my parcel, and then dashed home again. I opened up the box to find this stunning temari inside. I love the flowers and am very proud to be the recipient of such an awesome gift. Thanks Bonnie!

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