Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A few of my favourite (temari) things......

So given it has been whole year since I started making Temari, I thought I'd share a few of the things I have discovered that have made things that little bit more extra-enjoyable.

The first is that, as several people have mentioned, temari making is highly addictive. For some reason there is always that urge in the back (and sometimes the front) of my mind to do something temari related. It could be as simple as wrapping a mari (or ten), or deciding on which pattern to do next. Stitching might take your fancy, or you may just find yourself peering into the vast array of colours in your (somehow ever-growing) thread stash and letting your imagination come up with all sorts of colour combinations. Whatever it is, it seems to creep into my mind most days. If you told me a year ago that I would be orbsessed and totally absorbed with stitching patterns onto balls made of thread there is no way I would have believed you.

The next few things are tools that make temari making even more enjoyable for me. The first are a pair of snips that I got for Christmas. I love the rainbow colour on them (it always helps me if my tools are pretty as well as practical), and they are easier for me to use than traditional scissors.

This second image is of a little quilted bowl I picked up at a handmade stall. It's perfect for holding/protecting the current project in my workbasket and protects it from getting tossed around quite so much.

This is a pic of my work basket. I have had it for years, sitting on a shelf filled with shells, and have repurposed it to become temari related. It is just big enough to hold the quilted bowl, current temari and some threads/snips etc.

This one is a binder I found that reminded me of temari. This binder holds patterns and instructions/diagrams I have printed and keeps it all neat and tidy and ready for use.

And finally, this last image is of a couple of 'tools' I made to help groom the threads. I rolled some handles from 'Sculpey' (polymer clay is not yet one of my hobbies, hence the plain colour/design)

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