Saturday, April 16, 2011

Promising starts

A little while ago I heard a story on the radio about a volunteer program called the Pyjama Foundation. The Pyjama Foundations tries to encourage a love of reading and learning by sending volunteer 'Pyjama Angels' to read to children in foster care. Take a look at their website here for more information on the Foundation. I really believe in what they advocate, and so I signed up to become a Pyjama Angel. About a month ago, I received a call from the coordinator to say that she had found a child that may be suitable for me to work with. The Foundation matches you up with a child who is in a similar area to you, with times that are convenient for both parties etc. I met Max (for privacy reasons I have used a false name), and his foster carer. Max is 9, and I have read to him 3 times so far. Sometimes we play an educational game as well as read a book. While it's very early days, it looks like things are going ok and getting a little better each week, and I'm hopeful that things will continue to be positive.

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