Monday, April 11, 2011

Getting back in to stitching.....

Taking inspiration from the last temari I made, I have finished off this new ball this morning. In the last design, the corners of each square were interlocked (?) and I had wondered what it would look like if I did each square one round at a time, so that the corners formed diamond shapes. I also wanted to use the black/white/colour concept again, but with more focus on the black and white and using the colour for accent rather than to dominate. I also decided that 'something' needed to happen in the centre of the squares.

I had originally thought of using sakasa uwagake kagari, and then thought about an 8 point kiku, but thought it may look a bit odd as what I already had on the ball seemed to scream 'lines' and 'angles'. So I hunted through my pictures of temari, and came across a picture with two interlocked squares. I used this for inspiration for the square design I used on each face.

It was a lovely ball to stitch, and worked out really nicely considering it came from a combination of stitches I have learned and was not any particular pattern. Now to decide what's next.......!


  1. Lovely temari! Isn't it wonderful when you get to the point of making mash-up designs?! All those bits of learning come crashing together for a new look. Well done.

  2. Well done, love the black and white with splashes of color.

  3. Good Morning from Chicago! I have just finished reading your blog and I love it. We were in Costa Rica lastyear and unfortunately it rained and rained so we got wet! I love your temari and the colors you are using. Please keep it up.
    What caught my eye was 'Elizabeth Zimmerman'. I have her pattern for a seamless knit sweater and I'll send it to you if you don't already have it.